Performing Arts


We offer exciting, energetic and fun classes for children and young people from the age of 3-18 in performance disciplines.   A great place to learn, to socialise and to discover new talents.

Classes take place at Theatreworks, The Grand Pavilion, South Parade, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. 






Be a frog, be a tree, be Juliet, be James Bond! We don't mind....Improvise, Create, React, Learn, Listen and Express yourself in well structured, safe Drama classes to captivate the imagination and develop the confidence and skills needed to perform.  Whilst the emphasis is on fun, all students are introduced to vocal and movement techniques which help develop the skill of "acting".  Very quickly students will increase in confidence, improve their social skills, have a greater understanding of themselves and be able to communicate more clearly and fluently.

For the youngest students we work with their vivid imaginations, love of make believe and boundless energy.  We use stories and visual aids to explore and create.  Fun and enthusiasm is a vital part of the lesson, where all children are given the opportunity to interact and create characters. Role play is introduced at Junior level.  All children are supported in their learning and are not expected to "perform" individually - although many are more than eager to try!

At Intermediate and Senior levels we explore improvisation, method acting, scripted and non-scripted work.  Characterisation is further developed in a range of exercises and students are encouraged to write material.  Vocal and physical studies are an integral part of the classes and form the grass roots of all performance. Whilst the classes are often process focused we also look at performance including monologues and physical theatre.  All students will have the chance to develop their potential and be exposed to a wide range of exciting techniques and forms.  Much of the performance work is devised, although there are opportunities for scripted productions too.  Drama type games still play a vital part in the class.  Students may have the opportunity to progress to LAMDA Examinations in a range of subjects.


Want to sing? Want to move? Combine them both in an upbeat production class. Take on choreography and movement. Learn to sing in groups and on your own (if you like). Put it all together and what do you get? A great production lesson that packs a punch.

From Junior level we cover a range of styles of dance, movement and music.  All abilities are catered for and lessons take the form of whole class and smaller groups, whilst also affording opportunies for solo work.  You do not have to read music for this class, but we do require you to learn lyrics. 



Time                                                   Class                                                  Age

4.00-4.30                                           Drama                                    6-8yrs JUNIOR

4.30 - 5.00                                         Musical Production                 6-8yrs JUNIOR

4.30-5.30                                           Musical Production                 9-12yrs INTER

5.30-6.30                                           Acting                               9-12yrsINTER  

6.30-7.00                                         Private LAMDA

7.00-8.30                                          Youth Theatre company                 13-20 yrs

LAMDA classes-solo, duo or small group sessions in preparation for exams. please enquire for available times.



Time  ClassAge


9.30-10.00                                        Primary/Junior Drama                           3-8 years

10.00-11.00                                       Drama                                                9-12 years INTERMEDIATE

11.00-12.00                                       Musical Production                             9-18 year INTER & SENIOR




If you are interested in joining please see the Want to Join page.